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  • The bunkers of Fort Tilden

    The bunkers of Fort Tilden

    To the casual visitor, the decaying historic artifacts of Fort Tilden may seem like a throwback to a long-gone era of World Wars. However, thanks to the New York Adventure Club, we had access to some of the Fort’s hidden gems. Established in 1917 as the U.S. entered WWI, Fort Tilden played a key role

  • Attention Street Artists

    Attention Street Artists

    This abbreviated telephone pole recently turned up at the corner of Beach 92nd Street and RBB. Inexplicably planted in the middle of the sidewalk, this is just crying out for some street art. About seven feet high, it could be easily transformed into a totem pole, directional sign, or community bulletin board. Have at it, artists.

  • Rockaway Street Art

    Rockaway Street Art

    While the rest of New York continues to be sanitized, a thriving street art scene is taking root in Rockaway. Thanks in large part to a post-Sandy project sponsored by Beautify Earth, as well as the tireless Geoff Rawling, and the Beach 116th Street Partnership, the entire peninsula is looking a lot more vibrant these