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  • Rebuilt: Breezy Point’s fire zone

    Rebuilt: Breezy Point’s fire zone

    Few neighborhoods were as ravaged by Superstorm Sandy as Breezy Point. In the seaside community of just over 2,800 homes, 220 were lost to floods, and a raging fire in the densely populated wedge area destroyed another 135. In the weeks and months after the storm, rebuilding plans in the fire zone seemed in doubt.

  • Rockaway’s busiest winter lies ahead

    Rockaway’s busiest winter lies ahead

    The wedge area of Breezy Point remains a vast field of charred memories. Residents have picked through the rubble for whatever mementos can be salvaged, and now the area awaits a razing and rebuilding plan that is approved by the city. Elsewhere on the west end of the peninsula, and throughout Rockaway, hundreds of homes

  • Breezy Point 9/11 Memorial post-Sandy

    Breezy Point 9/11 Memorial post-Sandy

    The 9/11 Memorial in Breezy Point has survived Hurricane Sandy completely unscathed. The Memorial sits at the western end of the peninsula, overlooking Jamaica Bay and the Manhattan skyline in the distance. It consists of 29 glass etchings, one for each member of the community who perished in the terrorist attacks. The Graybeard-organized Wounded Warrior

  • Breezy Point Resolve

    Breezy Point Resolve

    The ocean and the bay have separated. This past weekend was a gift from Mother Nature, but also a stark reminder of her power: she gives, and she takes, both on her own very uncompromising terms. In Breezy Point, the waters have receded, and residents have begun the clean up and recovery in earnest. The

  • Breezy Point post-Sandy

    Breezy Point post-Sandy

    The last remaining embers of the terrible fire in the wedge area of Breezy Point have been extinguished, the waters are slowly starting to recede, and assistance has arrived. John Timmons, whose family has owned the landmark beach bar The Sugar Bowl for 38 years, has vowed to rebuild. And the residents of this tight-knit

  • Reid Avenue pre and post-Sandy

    Reid Avenue pre and post-Sandy

    Reid Avenue in Breezy Point did not suffer any fires as a result of Hurricane Sandy, but still suffered significant damage. The south side of Reid Avenue, around Thetford, Doris, Janet Lanes and Graham Place is known as the “bowl” of Breezy Point due to the low elevation and tendency for the area to flood

  • Broad Channel post-Sandy

    Broad Channel post-Sandy

    Broad Channel is a small, tight knit community, with the Rockaways to the south, and Howard Beach to the north. It is the only inhabited island in Jamaica Bay, with a year-round population of approximately 3,000. It is served by the Far Rockaway line of the A train, and is home the beloved Jamaica Bay

  • Rebuild Rockaway

    Rebuild Rockaway

    It has been a long and devastating week in Rockaway. Our thoughts go to those who lost so much, and our gratitude is with all of the emergency responders: FDNY, NYPD, Rockaway Point VFD, Point Breeze VFD, Roxbury VFD, Broad Channel VFD. Internet connections on the peninsula are virtually non-existent. The Sugar Bowl in Breezy