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  • The bunkers of Fort Tilden

    The bunkers of Fort Tilden

    To the casual visitor, the decaying historic artifacts of Fort Tilden may seem like a throwback to a long-gone era of World Wars. However, thanks to the New York Adventure Club, we had access to some of the Fort’s hidden gems. Established in 1917 as the U.S. entered WWI, Fort Tilden played a key role

  • Updated: Food options near Fort Tilden

    Updated: Food options near Fort Tilden

    With summer getting into full swing, Fort Tilden makes for an alluring and more laid-back alternative to the beaches just a bit east. This remote section of Gateway National Recreation Area makes for an ideal day trip, accessible by either weekend ferry service or the NYC Beach Bus. However, the food options are limited, but

  • Jamaica Bay NPS: a multitude of choices

    Jamaica Bay NPS: a multitude of choices

    Established in 1972, Gateway National Recreation Area offers more than 26,000 acres of marshes, wildlife sanctuaries and recreational athletic facilities, miles of sandy beaches; indoor and outdoor classrooms; picnicking and camping areas, as well as historic structures and military installations, airfields, a lighthouse, and adjacent waters around New York harbor. The Jamaica Bay Unit includes

  • Riis Park Beach Bazaar debuts

    Riis Park Beach Bazaar debuts

    Add the Riis Park Beach Bazaar to the list of this week’s seasonal openings. Seeking to capitalize on the success of the downtown beach concessions, the National Parks Service awarded a multi-year contract to the operators of the Brooklyn Night Bazaar. The food, music and shopping venue will be based at the far western end

  • Fort Tilden

    Fort Tilden

    Rockaway!, kicks off on June 29th with a concert by legendary punk rocker Patti Smith in Fort Tilden. The summer long arts event is sponsored by MoMA and will showcase local as well as internationally known artists through September 1st. Fort Tilden is a decommissioned U.S. Army Base and is now part of the Gateway

  • The ruins of Fort Tilden

    The ruins of Fort Tilden

    Since Hurricane Sandy, beach access and the trails of Fort Tilden have been closed to the public. The surge destroyed the concrete path of Shore Road, adjacent to the ocean, and left a lot of debris on the interior running trails. However, a walk through those closed trails on a sunny late December day reveal

  • Battery Harris in Fort Tilden

    Battery Harris in Fort Tilden

    Fort Tilden is located on the western end of the Rockaway Peninsula. Part of the Gateway National Recreation Area, the Fort is home to local artist galleries, baseball and soccer fields, and provides unfettered access to the ocean. Also located on the campus two decommissioned Nike missile silos. Battery Harris East and Battery Harris West