• Shutter watch: Pebble’s and El Pasatiempo

    Shutter watch: Pebble’s and El Pasatiempo

    Bad news for the local bar scene: it looks like two neighborhood establishments have been shuttered. Pebble’s Pub, in Roxbury, and El Pasatiempo, in Rockaway Park, have been closed for several weeks, and phones at both establishments have been disconnected.

  • Support Rockaway W.I.S.H. at CROM

    Support Rockaway W.I.S.H. at CROM

    Experience the cross training of Pilates, Kettlebells and Yoga all in one session at a workshop hosted by CROM Physical Culture. Chris Romulo from CROM, Lena Roca from Yoga on the Rocks and the new addition to Rockaway Beach, Pilates by Elisa Bluming and Kim Kuznitz will join forces in a course to show how

  • The Little Free Library

    The Little Free Library

    There are only two Little Free Library locations in all of Queens, and both of the book lenders are located in Rockaway. The neighborhood kiosks are designed on the honor system of “take a book, return a book.” Suzanne Riggs of Neponsit was motivated to help recycle books, as well as to spark some neighborliness

  • The Rockaway 2015 year in review

    The Rockaway 2015 year in review

    The year got off to a promising start when Lonely Planet named Queens the top U.S. travel destination for 2015. While the guide heralded the ethnic diversity of the borough, it also cited the subway-accessible “Atlantic-kissed sands” of Rockaway. Residents and visitors were set to embrace “Hamptons without the fuss,” making the James Franco visit

  • Pawfest at Riis Park

    Pawfest at Riis Park

    Riis Park Beach Bazaar will host a Halloween pet costume contest this weekend. Sponsored by Riis Point Bar, Wild Feast Foods, and Rockapup, the Halloween Pawfest will kick off at noon on Saturday, October 31st, with the pet parade and free pumpkin carving. There will also be live music performances by The Supertones and The

  • Rebuilt: Breezy Point’s fire zone

    Rebuilt: Breezy Point’s fire zone

    Few neighborhoods were as ravaged by Superstorm Sandy as Breezy Point. In the seaside community of just over 2,800 homes, 220 were lost to floods, and a raging fire in the densely populated wedge area destroyed another 135. In the weeks and months after the storm, rebuilding plans in the fire zone seemed in doubt.

  • Poseidon’s Parade

    Poseidon’s Parade

    Poseidon’s Parade, Rockaway’s inaugural “celebration of summer and the ocean,” went off without a hitch today. Under hazy but bright skies, ocean-themed revelers marched down the newly constructed stretch of boardwalk. The parade was led by local artist Geoff Rawling and the Rockaway Mermaid Brigade. More photos on flickr

  • The Sugar Cube is being dismantled

    The Sugar Cube is being dismantled

    The Sugar Cube has served its last beer, and the temporary quarters of the seasonal watering hole in Breezy Point are being dismantled. After the waters of Superstorm Sandy destroyed the original building in 2012, the bar reopened for the summer of 2013 out of a temporary storage trailer. Locals quickly christened the new incarnation

  • The Rockaway transit hack

    The Rockaway transit hack

    Getting to and from Rockaway has never been easy, as any resident or visitor can attest. Daily ferry service was cancelled in 2014, although it is slated to return in 2017. Only half of the peninsula is served by a direct-to-Manhattan subway connection. Bus service is often abysmal, and isn’t calibrated to meet the increased

  • Goat babies in pajamas

    Goat babies in pajamas

    Are you bummed that the weekend is over? This video of two romping goat babies is sure to bring a smile to your face: