• Cartagena, Colombia: closer than you think

    Cartagena, Colombia: closer than you think

    Intrepid American travelers, are you tired of the usual warm weather locales of Las Vegas, the Bahamas, or Cancun? Are you looking for something a bit more exotic and less suburban than Aruba? Look no further than Cartagena, Colombia. Cartagena, a UNESCO World Heritage Site since 1984, is located on the Caribbean Sea, isolated from

  • Welcome to Curaçao: Need a coffee?

    Welcome to Curaçao: Need a coffee?

    If your cruise liner docks in Curaçao, resist the urge to stop in Starbucks. You will find an outlet of the ever-present chain almost as soon as you disembark your ship, at the Renaissance Hotel Plaza. However, just a few steps away, in the historic Rif Fort Village, you will find one of Europe’s oldest

  • Rockaway arrives in Moscow

    Rockaway arrives in Moscow

    Well it turns out that Far Rockaway Shoreditch is not the first global outpost of our urban surf culture. There is a bar called Far Rockaway that opened in Moscow in March 2013. According to an interview with The Local East Village, the proprietors of Death + Co. advised the Russian owners on developing the

  • Rockaway arrives in London

    Rockaway arrives in London

    Well it didn’t take very long for Rockaway to turn into a brand. With the opening of Far Rockaway Shoreditch in the heart of hipster London, our urban beach culture has gone global. Opened by former New York resident George Dowling in October 2013, Far Rockaway Shoreditch is an “American style bar and restaurant inspired