• Rockaway gets the Swedish treatment

    Rockaway gets the Swedish treatment

    Last summer, Swedish journalist Marcus Joons made the rounds of the Rockaway, interviewing business owners, artists and residents. The resulting story chronicles a post-hurricane recovery in a rapidly gentrifying city. The travelogue is entirely in Swedish (except for “NO FUCKIN’ SLICES” by guess who), and unfortunately not available online. But below is a pdf file,

  • Rockaway’s newspapers

    Rockaway’s newspapers

    This year, Rockaway once again defied conventional wisdom by becoming home to four three local newspapers. New Yorkers have always loved their tabloids, even in an era of plunging print circulation. In addition to the free dailies handed out to subway commuters, we also have the earnest Daily News, and the delicious New York Post. For

  • Print is not dead: The Rockaway Times

    Print is not dead, not in Rockaway. Kevin Boyle, the former editor of The Wave, has announced the launch of a new weekly newspaper. The Rockaway Times will start to publish on June 26th, with a companion website to be launched as well. Kevin is widely credited with reviving The Wave after Hurricane Sandy. The

  • Your favorite Rockaway movies

    Your favorite Rockaway movies

    The recent release of the insufferable, hipster-caper Fort Tilden had us asking, what other movies were filmed in Rockaway? According to a location search on IMDb, there aren’t very many major releases. We should, however, do some introspection on why most of them are coming-of-age movies. Here then, are your favorite Rockaway movies: No Looking