• Shore Fruit Ladies

    Shore Fruit Ladies

    The next time you are on Rockaway’s beaches, look out for Lillian and Robyn, the Shore Fruit ladies. Residents of Williamsburg, they are spending their summer in Rockaway running the only bike powered snack cart on the boardwalk. You can easily spot their colorful bicycle.!/ShoreFruit Their healthy snack cart offers fresh cut fruit

  • Portable Pig Man

    Adam Bishop is a four-year FDNY veteran continuing the great tradition of firehouse barbecue. When this Tampa native is not fighting fires, he is using them to bring some true Southern flavor to New York with his Portable Pig Man catering business. With a portable smoker hitched to his pickup truck, Adam can bring a

  • Steve’s Ice Cream

    Steve’s Ice Cream

    Steve’s Ice Cream, a long-time Boston favorite, but relatively new to the New York food scene, has opened up shop in Rockaway. They will be serving scoops and pints of their amazing craft ice creams on the Boardwalk at Beach 106th Street. Also try an ice cream sandwich made with vegan chocolate chip cookies. Their