• Rockaway Street Art

    Rockaway Street Art

    While the rest of New York continues to be sanitized, a thriving street art scene is taking root in Rockaway. Thanks in large part to a post-Sandy project sponsored by Beautify Earth, as well as the tireless Geoff Rawling, and the Beach 116th Street Partnership, the entire peninsula is looking a lot more vibrant these

  • Patti Smith exhibit at Fort Tilden

    Patti Smith exhibit at Fort Tilden

    The long-awaited Patti Smith art exhibit, Resilience of the Dreamer, has opened today in Fort Tilden. Sponsored in part by MoMA, the exhibit features a number of black-and-white photos by the godmother of punk. There is a separate installation of a “gilded four-post bed with pure white linens…that will wear down physically over time…a visualization 

  • Fort Tilden

    Fort Tilden

    Rockaway!, kicks off on June 29th with a concert by legendary punk rocker Patti Smith in Fort Tilden. The summer long arts event is sponsored by MoMA and will showcase local as well as internationally known artists through September 1st. Fort Tilden is a decommissioned U.S. Army Base and is now part of the Gateway

  • Rockaway!


    Rockaway!, a summer-long urban art festival, is scheduled to open on June 29 with an appearance by legendary punk rocker Patti Smith in Fort Tilden. Sponsored by MoMA PS1, the sponsor of 2013’s Rockaway Dome, along with the Rockaway Artists Alliance, and the Rockaway Beach Surf Club, the event promises a summer full of innovative

  • Rockstock and Barrels Festival

    Rockstock and Barrels Festival

    The 8th Annual Rockstock and Barrels Festival is scheduled for June 28, 2014. The festival was founded in 2006 as a way to celebrate Rockaway’s surf and skate culture.  In addition to a surfing contest, the festival includes art, clothing and food vendors. Festivities start at 10am at Beach 90th Street, with live music from

  • Your favorite Rockaway movies

    Your favorite Rockaway movies

    The recent release of the insufferable, hipster-caper Fort Tilden had us asking, what other movies were filmed in Rockaway? According to a location search on IMDb, there aren’t very many major releases. We should, however, do some introspection on why most of them are coming-of-age movies. Here then, are your favorite Rockaway movies: No Looking

  • An open letter to Anthony Weiner

    Hey Tony, bro. Brohan. Carlos-meister. We need to talk. I’m here to give you a cold dose of reality. I’m going to tell you why you should drop out of the race for Mayor, and I’ve got a fantastic back up plan for you. I don’t think you were really cut out for politics after

  • Meet Bill Foge, Rockaway’s first hipster

    Meet Bill Foge, Rockaway’s first hipster

    Rockawayist recently became aware of the work of locally renowned painter Bill Foge, and had an opportunity to speak with him this week. Foge, now 78 years old and residing in Kittery, Maine for the past ten years, may indeed be Rockaway’s first hipster. Foge arrived in Rockaway in 1983 during a blizzard. His studio

  • Jamaica Bay Community History Night

    Queens Library and Jamaica Bay Lives invite the community to share their stories about life in and around Jamaica Bay, now and in decades gone by. Help to document the history of Jamaica Bay and Hurricane Sandy by joining this special event, organized by the Queens Memory Project and Jamaica Bay Lives. Community History Night

  • YORK SURF at the Brooklyn Surf Flea

    This weekend is the first annual, which will feature surf and ocean oriented vendors, as well as some local foodies and DJ Albert Shelton ( One of the featured vendors is Adlin, a jewelry designer and founder of York Surf ( Q. Tell me a little bit about yourself A. I grew up in