• Dogs of Rockaway: Sox the Sheltie

    Dogs of Rockaway: Sox the Sheltie

    It is impossible to not fall in love with Sox, a gorgeous 8-year-old Shetland sheepdog who lives in Far Rockaway. His human, Gordon Williams, adopted the grandson of an American champion show dog last year. Also a registered therapy dog, the gentle and well-behaved Sheltie enjoys visiting with the residents of the nearby JASA Senior

  • Roscoe, of Edgemere Farm

    Roscoe, of Edgemere Farm

    Meet Roscoe, the sweet and lovable senior dog of Edgemere Farm. Roscoe was adopted as a puppy by his human, Heidi Woolever, from a shelter in western Pennsylvania in 2003. Before settling in Rockaway in 2015, Roscoe led an interesting and itinerant life: following Woolever first to Washington, DC, then Maine, and upstate New York.

  • Dogs of Rockaway: Meet Margo

    Dogs of Rockaway: Meet Margo

    Meet Margo, an energetic six-month old French bulldog who presides over the treasures at End of the A. She is a friendly, loving puppy who gladly greets everyone she meets. Margo was adopted by her human, Tara, in January. “She loves to meet new people,” Tara said. “And customers come into the store sometimes just

  • Goat babies in pajamas

    Goat babies in pajamas

    Are you bummed that the weekend is over? This video of two romping goat babies is sure to bring a smile to your face: