• Battery Harris in Fort Tilden

    Battery Harris in Fort Tilden

    Fort Tilden is located on the western end of the Rockaway Peninsula. Part of the Gateway National Recreation Area, the Fort is home to local artist galleries, baseball and soccer fields, and provides unfettered access to the ocean. Also located on the campus two decommissioned Nike missile silos. Battery Harris East and Battery Harris West

  • Jamaica Bay Wildlife Refuge

    Jamaica Bay Wildlife Refuge

    Tucked away on a long, remote stretch of Cross Bay Boulevard connecting Howard Beach and Broad Channel, the Jamaica Bay Wildlife Refuge is a haven for birds and an urban oasis for their human fans. A visit to the Refuge is truly a unique NYC experience. Located about a mile away from the Broad Channel

  • The Graybeards and Rockaway Residents welcome Wounded Warriors

    The Graybeards is a local non-profit dedicated to assisting local Rockaway residents in need. Since the terrorist attacks of 2001 deeply impacted their community, they also focused on promoting patriotism on the peninsula. Since 2005, the Graybeards have hosted the Wounded Warrior Project Adaptive Water Sports Festival. The WWP was founded in 2002 to help

  • Steve’s Ice Cream

    Steve’s Ice Cream

    Steve’s Ice Cream, a long-time Boston favorite, but relatively new to the New York food scene, has opened up shop in Rockaway. They will be serving scoops and pints of their amazing craft ice creams on the Boardwalk at Beach 106th Street. Also try an ice cream sandwich made with vegan chocolate chip cookies. Their

  • Welcome to Rockawayist

    Welcome to Rockawayist

    This time it feels different. After years of neglect from our far flung mayors in City Hall, the senseless destruction of an ocean oasis by Robert Moses, the utterly doomed Technodome, urban decay of the 1970s, it finally feels as if Rockaway is having a long-delayed awakening. Located within a city that has dramatically gentrified