Dogs of Rockaway: Sox the Sheltie


It is impossible to not fall in love with Sox, a gorgeous 8-year-old Shetland sheepdog who lives in Far Rockaway.

His human, Gordon Williams, adopted the grandson of an American champion show dog last year. Also a registered therapy dog, the gentle and well-behaved Sheltie enjoys visiting with the residents of the nearby JASA Senior Citizens center. Being in his presence for just a few minutes, his calming effect is noticeable.


“He is well known and very popular in the neighborhood,” said Williams. “People often mistake him for a Collie, and he is sometimes referred to as ‘Little Lassie’.” Although there is a great resemblance, Collies tend to be bigger than Shelties.


“He never barks at people or other dogs, only when there is a knock at the door. Which means he is doing his job, protecting me.”

A deceptively svelte 45 pounds, Sox loves to snack on pizza crusts and potato chips. He loves strolling along the boardwalk and being greeted by humans, but he’s not a fan of going into the ocean.