Support local entrepreneurs at the Riis Park Beach Bazaar


While the Riis Park Beach Bazaar has its roots in Brooklyn, the new concession does showcase some local entrepreneurs.

Run by lifelong residents Mikey Reen and brothers Dylan and Ryan Sirgiovanni , By the Beach Coconuts sells chilled coconuts shipped in weekly from Thailand. They have been catering some events at local bars, and they also have a stand at Beach 67th Street.

The trio is also behind RBNY Rocks, selling their own designs of beach-themed t-shirts and tank tops. According to their website, the childhood friends want to “bring the vibe and feel of tropical beaches to their little strip of urban paradise.”

Sam Friedman and Miriam Kwietniewska are the founders of The Paleo Factory. Selling desserts made of all natural ingredients, they are seeking a broad appeal to vegans, paleo diet enthusiasts, and anyone who wants a sweet without the processed sugar. Their signature item is Mud, “a chilled dessert, in between ice cream and mousse, with a gritty thick texture and earthy feel.” A sampler pack of chocolate and vanilla Mud is also available by mail order from their website.