Beloved Wave bus shelter to be saved from demolition


The Parks Department confirmed today that the iconic wave bus shelter, located at Shore Front Parkway and Beach 107th Street, would be spared demolition.

The Parks Department had considered razing the bus shelter, one of four in the area, in order to redevelop an adjacent park, and to create a larger buffer zone between the ocean and the street. The proposal sparked outrage from civic organizations and residents, as well as the artists who renovated them in the late 1990s.

“We are not planning to demolish the bus shelter at Beach 107th Street, “ said Parks spokesperson Meghan Lalor, “and we have tasked our designers to find a creative way to incorporate it into the park.”

The four historic bus shelters along Shore Front Parkway are the few remaining ocean-side structures to survive Hurricane Sandy. Although they are no longer in use for bus passengers, they do provide shelter and act as a sentimental landmark for beachgoers.