Why I love Rockaway: none of this stuff existed two years ago


I’ll leave the two-year anniversary coverage of Hurricane Sandy to the local media. Yes, we have lost a lot. Many residents are still not back home, we have an indifferent Mayor, transportation is still a challenge, and the rebuilding of our boardwalk is mired in bureaucracy (note to readers: I’ve spent a good deal of time branding this blog, I will not change the name to ockawayist.com).

We have grown used to the demarcation of our lives BS (Before Sandy) and AS (After Sandy).

But things are looking up. We have a restaurant scene that is starting to attract some attention. This summer we hosted a world-class art fair. Our community, as a brand, has gone global in London and Moscow. We even have a farm! So for this anniversary, let’s celebrate the stuff that didn’t exist BS:

Topless Art Gallery
Holland Helado
Rockaway Beach Boarding House
Breezy Dogs and Shakes
The Rockaway Times
Uncle Louie G’s
The Rock NYC
Local Liquids
Thai Kitchen by the Sea
Last Dragon Pizza
Whit’s End Pizza Parlour
Rockaway Summer
Sayra’s Wine Bar
Stand-up Paddle Boarding

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