Rockaway’s newspapers


This year, Rockaway once again defied conventional wisdom by becoming home to four three local newspapers.

New Yorkers have always loved their tabloids, even in an era of plunging print circulation. In addition to the free dailies handed out to subway commuters, we also have the earnest Daily News, and the delicious New York Post. For highbrow readers, there is always the Times and the Journal.

Showing there is still an appetite for coverage of local events, and a strong advertiser base, community newspapers that are well managed continue to thrive. Rockaway is no exception, and in 2014 we saw the birth of two new weeklies. Here is the full lineup:

The Wave is the granddaddy of them all. Founded in 1893, this is one of the city’s oldest newspapers. They were knocked offline for several weeks when their building was flooded by Hurricane Sandy, but have rebounded nicely. Publisher Susan Locke and her reporters do a good job of covering local schools and sports, civic and religious events, as well as hurricane recovery.

The Rockaway Point News is the feel-good weekly of the far West End. Focusing on the community of Breezy Point, their columnists can be relied on to chatter about youth events, and social activities run by the local senior centers or firehouses. My favorite part of this newspaper is the Letters to the Editor, which usually features a ranting about dog poop or stolen bicycles. Context is everything in Breezy Point, as the owners Mike and Noreen Schramm will not cover any “bad news.”

One of the new entrants is The Rockaway Times. Launched in June by erstwhile Wave editor Kevin Boyle, this upstart is doing a great job chronicling local cultural and news events, as well as advocating for hurricane relief efforts. The affable Boyle, with deep roots in the community, seems to know everything that is going on.

The Rockaway Beat, published by Patricia L. Adams, was recently shuttered.

And here are some local news blogs (including yours truly):

OnRockaway, founded by former Wave editor Howard Schwach. Predictable coverage of the schools, and inexplicably endless coverage of Geraldine Chapey.

TheRockawaysNY for solid coverage of local activities.

Rockaway Summer, a cool, hipster-centric print and online publication.

Any Katie Honan column in DNAInfo.