Rockaway arrives in Moscow

Staff at Far Bar, Moscow

Well it turns out that Far Rockaway Shoreditch is not the first global outpost of our urban surf culture. There is a bar called Far Rockaway that opened in Moscow in March 2013.

According to an interview with The Local East Village, the proprietors of Death + Co. advised the Russian owners on developing the concept for the ex-pat bar. Billed as “Love and Drinks” on their website, the theme of the bar seems to be more Americana kitsch than Rockaway. Their Instagram feed is quite amusing, and worth a browse.

They do have a Get Lucky Party every Monday, when you can get five cocktails for 300 rubles. Seems like a good deal to me, even though Moscow isn’t quite on the travel agenda yet.

Media inquiries to the bar went unanswered, probably because I don’t know how to use the Cyrillic keyboard. There is a more detailed restaurant review in English here.