Box Jump: Fortitude Fitness CrossFit 78702


20140218-192619.jpgSeeking a break from the relentless New York winter, Rockawayist headed out to Austin, Texas recently. Arriving in the middle of a Texas snowpocalypse, we were still nonetheless looking forward to a good old-fashioned Texas WOD. Since CrossFit Central was hosting the Fittest Games that weekend, many of the downtown boxes had limited schedules, and it was a challenge to find a Sunday WOD.

Now let me first say that as a native New Yorker, I have always had a respect for and fascination with Texas. In my opinion, it is the only other state that has a culture, history and bravado on par with New York.  I was eagerly looking forward to a Lone Star State WOD, and was not disappointed to find Fortitude Fitness/CrossFit 78702 in the hotly emerging East Austin.

Local husband-and-wife team Athan and AnneMarie Schindler run the box. Athan is a former U.S. Army Airborne Ranger and currently serves in the Texas National Guard (you can’t get much more Texan than that). In addition to being a certified CrossFit Level I Coach, Athan is also a U.S. Army Certified Master Fitness Trainer.

The box shares space with a martial arts gym, but the warm up was football-player inspired, thanks to Athan’s semi-pro days. The WOD was a good mix of overhead squats, snatches and toes-to-bar. Since my primary New York box is located in an older office building, it’s always nice to pull up the garage door and not worry about rattling the neighbors below.

Athan and AnneMarie and the rest of the athletes could not have been any more hospitable, and showed this New Yorker how to WOD, Texas-style. The box is soon moving to their own space at 828 Airport Boulevard, so look for them there in early March. Until then, they can be found at 3232 East Cesar Chavez.