The ruins of Fort Tilden

Battery Harris

photo(3)Since Hurricane Sandy, beach access and the trails of Fort Tilden have been closed to the public. The surge destroyed the concrete path of Shore Road, adjacent to the ocean, and left a lot of debris on the interior running trails.

However, a walk through those closed trails on a sunny late December day reveal a clean up is underway. The trails of Battery Harris East and Battery Harris West have been completely cleared of debris. And although those old Nike missile installations have been recently repainted, Battery Harris East has been claimed anew by graffiti tags. The stairs leading to the viewing platform atop Battery Harris East are still fully functional, offering stunning views of the ocean, Jamaica Bay and the Manhattan skyline. The park is still dotted with a number of abandoned buildings, which seem largely undamaged by the storm. And they continue to be a unique canvas for graffiti.

Abandoned building

Abandoned building

Although Shore Road remains a shambles of broken concrete, a spokeswoman for Gateway National Recreation Area promised earlier this year that all park access would be reopened for the summer of 2014.

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