Food options near Fort Tilden



Battery Harris and the beaches of Fort Tilden are still closed, due to storm damage. However, the rest of the park is still open and accessible by foot, bike or car. If you are taking the weekend ferry service or biking through to Breezy Point, the food options are limited, but still quite good.

IMG_2345The first option is Maria’s Famous Breezy Dog Food Truck. Home of the amazing and eponymous hot dog, Maria’s truck is situated on Rockaway Point Boulevard, just west of the Marine Parkway Bridge outside Fort Tilden. Maria’s is also home to the best milkshake on the peninsula, and boasts a selection of 100 flavors. The menu also includes burgers, fries and snacks. The truck has just been upgraded and now also has soft serve ice cream. There is shady seating available adjacent to the truck.

IMG_2330A half-mile west on Rockaway Point Boulevard is the recently re-opened Sugar Shack. Situated just inside the main entrance to Roxbury, the Shack has a breakfast menu of coffee and muffins. The lunch and dinner menu is more expansive, including sandwiches, fries, pizza, and there is outdoor seating available. The re-opening of the Sugar Shack has been a godsend to the Roxbury community, which has been deprived of any food service since the hurricane. IMG_2332

Another mile west on Rockaway Point Boulevard brings you to the Breezy Point Shopping Center. There is a small coffee shop, The Blarney Castle for a quality pub meal, and Deidre Maeve’s Supermarket. Deidre’s has a full deli counter serving breakfast and lunch, with fresh bagels and rolls available. Best of all, sandwiches at Deidre’s are made from freshly sliced cold cuts, which is getting to be a rarity in the rest of New York City.