Never Closed: How The Fisherman’s Dog fed Rockaway (and set the food truck rescue into motion)


IMG_1852The peninsula is teeming with new food trucks since Hurricane Sandy passed through, but Rockaway’s own Terence McNicholas and Jared Adler never missed a beat. Their food truck, which opened earlier this year on Beach Channel Drive, was safely stored on higher ground during the hurricane. The day after the storm, when the rest of the city was still grappling with the enormity of the losses, the truck returned to their bayside location. The surging waters had taken their new fencing and tables, but Terence and Jared were eager to serve their community. This local business caught the attention of The Mayor’s Fund to Advance NYC, who quickly contracted with them to provide food to residents and volunteers alike. That contract set in motion the massive mobilization of the city’s food trucks. And again in Rockaway, the local entrepreneurial spirit has saved the day.

Terence and Jared recount their experience on their Kickstarter page:

“…we have helped feed thousands. Rockaway is filled with hungry people left out in the cold by the storm and those there to rebuild it. It has never been so filled with life in November. Despite the rubble the peninsula is bustling with city workers and volunteers. We have been very fortunate to be able to provide assistance to our community in need. We were the first business to reopen after the storm and very quickly realized a need for more hot food than just what we could produce. The first day we sold out of every item we had in stock.”

After an exhausting four weeks, Terence and Jared have closed up their temporary location and are set to return to the bayside lot at Beach 112th Street.

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