Rockaway’s busiest winter lies ahead


IMG_1952The wedge area of Breezy Point remains a vast field of charred memories. Residents have picked through the rubble for whatever mementos can be salvaged, and now the area awaits a razing and rebuilding plan that is approved by the city.

Elsewhere on the west end of the peninsula, and throughout Rockaway, hundreds of homes are heaving their insides onto the streets. New York’s Strongest, the Department of Sanitation, are working incredibly hard to collect the debris as quickly as possible. Businesses, including Dalton’s Seaside Grill, are starting to reopen.

Year-round residents are acutely aware of how frigid and desolate a Rockaway winter can be, and they are frantically working to secure their homes before another round of unforgiving weather sets in. The irony is that this storm may result in one of the busiest off-seasons Rockaway has ever seen.

The wedge area in Breezy Point, three weeks after Hurricane Sandy on flickr