Breezy Point Resolve

Sugar Bowl, post-Sandy

IMG_1839The ocean and the bay have separated.

This past weekend was a gift from Mother Nature, but also a stark reminder of her power: she gives, and she takes, both on her own very uncompromising terms.

In Breezy Point, the waters have receded, and residents have begun the clean up and recovery in earnest. The lumberyard is doing a brisk business, the bank and pharmacy are operating on a limited basis, and the Rockaway Point News has resumed publication.

In Breezy Point, the loss is staggering: 250 homes lost to wind or water, 111 lost to fire, 12 have completely vanished, and hundreds more have suffered damage. According to the Breezy Point Co-op, all efforts now are on recovery and rebuilding:  coordinating with the city, FEMA, and the utilities, the vast undertaking to get our residents back into their homes.

Riis Park has turned into a landfill soaring 20 feet high with the remains of the many communities battered by Hurricane Sandy.

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