YORK SURF at the Brooklyn Surf Flea

StarfishThis weekend is the first annual http://brooklynsurfflea.com/, which will feature surf and ocean oriented vendors, as well as some local foodies and DJ Albert Shelton (http://artdoxa.com/nastyalbert). One of the featured vendors is Adlin, a jewelry designer and founder of York Surf (http://www.etsy.com/shop/YORKSURF).

Q. Tell me a little bit about yourself

A. I grew up in Florida and attended the University of Miami majoring in Video/Film production and Studio Painting. I have always had an interest in the arts and a love for the ocean, which is how I got into surfing in Florida. Seven years ago, I moved to NY and discovered you could surf here after becoming a member of the NY Surfing Buddies (which I am now an organizer for). I have made some of the amazing friends through surfing in NY the past four years. My passion for the arts, surfing, and the dream of always having my own business came together in February of this year when I founded YORK SURF, a line of jewelry inspired by surfing, the sea, and NYC fashion.

Q. What are your plans for York Surf?

A. My immediate plans for YORK SURF are to continue to improve my jewelry making techniques and grow the business in an organic manner. I love the growth I have received through word-of-mouth marketing and social media. I enjoy hearing from my customers and also take into consideration their suggestions. For the future, I have plans to expand to the male accessories market and also create a limited run line of beach bags and wallets. I want to create the fabric patterns and handcraft everything in the line so this will take some time to implement but I can’t wait to begin.

Q. What products of yours are most successful?

A. To date, the Jaws Necklace has been the most successful item in the line. The mouth of the shark hinges which adds a touch of playfulness to the necklace. I wear this piece at least three times a week because I love it so much and it’s so representative of my style. After that, the Wish Upon a Starfish necklace is the next best seller. It very simple but has a lot of good luck incorporated into the design with the starfish charm and Jade beads.

Q. What inspires you to create?

A. Growing up I was an oil painter and also very crafty which I get from my mother. I love to create with my hands and YORK SURF was a solution to that desire. My biggest inspirations come from the sea and the culture of surfing. But honestly, I find inspiration everywhere I go. Whether it’s a sunset and the colors cast over the East River or a graffiti collage in Brooklyn, NYC offers so much inspiration it’s impossible to capture it all. New York is my biggest muse.

Q. What is your favorite place in the Rockaways?

A. You might find this hard to believe but after seven years of living in New York, I have never been to Rockaway.  I have several friends who are local surfers there, but I would always make the LIRR trip to Long Beach because it reminds me of the beaches back home. I told myself I would make it out this year but I haven’t yet which is wild. But even though I have yet to go to Rock, I am a huge supporter of Mike and Mike at Locals Surf School. I met them last year and they are so passionate about surfing and teaching people the proper way to surf. I also support STOKED Mentoring, based out of Rockaway. I organized a successful fundraiser for them at Uncle Funkys Board Shop earlier this summer.

Look for Adlin and her handcrafted jewelry at the 1st Annual Brooklyn Surf Flea this Sunday at Union Pool in Brooklyn from 2-7PM. It’s going to be a great event with other local NY based surf companies and charities.

And help me extend an invitation for Adlin to try the surfing in Rockaway!