The waning days of Summer 2012


IMG_1571The September quickening is upon us, as unavoidable as any year gone by. The days are getting shorter, the breezes a bit cooler, kids are back to school and Kmart is stocked up on Christmas trees!

Many of our summer visitors have gone back to their city abodes. But in Rockaway, there is still a hum in this vibrant, year-round community. And it is an excellent time to visit and explore New York’s seaside gem, and maybe even sample some of our stalwart restaurants and businesses.

There is still plenty to do, and great food to be had, before the winter stillness sets in. Terrence and Jared are still manning the truck at, and will remain open for business, conveniently located on Beach Channel Drive. Mike and Mike from will be available for lessons through the winter as well. Anita from is ready to help rid your body of toxins in New York’s best yoga class.

Rockawayist will continue to focus on the emerging food, arts and cultural scene in Rockaway. As events get quieter on the peninsula, we may go a bit farther afield to cover events that may be of interest to our ocean-loving readers. We also have a keen interest in our parks, and will be following Gateway’s development progress, as well the proposed re-development of the Beach 88th Street city park.