Jamaica Bay Wildlife Refuge


JBWRTucked away on a long, remote stretch of Cross Bay Boulevard connecting Howard Beach and Broad Channel, the Jamaica Bay Wildlife Refuge is a haven for birds and an urban oasis for their human fans.

A visit to the Refuge is truly a unique NYC experience. Located about a mile away from the Broad Channel A train stop, visitors can easily forget they are still in New York, until they look up and see the Empire State Building and 1WTC as it claims the skyline. Consisting primarily of salt marshes, and opening up to Jamaica Bay, the Refuge has been known to host more than 330 avian species. It is considered by avian enthusiasts to be one of the more significant bird habitats in the nation.

The Refuge is part of the Gateway National Recreation area. In a related development today, NYC and the National Park Service announced a partnership to manage the vast acreage surrounding Jamaica Bay. City and Federal officials will be working together to improve access, create education and recreation events, and to focus on preservation efforts for Jamaica Bay.

The City will also seek new sources of revenue by forming a conservancy, modeled on the Central Park and Hudson River conservancies.