• Rockaway gets the Swedish treatment

    Rockaway gets the Swedish treatment

    Last summer, Swedish journalist Marcus Joons made the rounds of the Rockaway, interviewing business owners, artists and residents. The resulting story chronicles a post-hurricane recovery in a rapidly gentrifying city. The travelogue is entirely in Swedish (except for “NO FUCKIN’ SLICES” by guess who), and unfortunately not available online. But below is a pdf file,

  • Your winter guide to Rockaway

    Your winter guide to Rockaway

    As a plentiful December recedes, the bleak reality of a New York winter starts to set in. If you need to throw off the seasonal blues, satisfy that craving for some open sky by heading out to Rockaway Beach. And bring your South Brooklyn and Rockaways Brokelyn Beer Book (now 20% off), because Whit’s End,

  • Throwback Thursday: Destination Technodome

    Throwback Thursday: Destination Technodome

    Since the destruction of the bungalow colony the 1960s, Arverne has been a prime development target for architects, engineers and urban planners alike. This Throwback Thursday takes a look at one ambitious plan to erect a two million square foot recreation facility on this long-prized beachfront district. Destination: Technodome was the brainchild of the Reichmann

  • Stilt City

    Stilt City

    A Brooklyn-based artist has recently launched a Kickstarter campaign to renovate a hurricane-damaged Rockaway bungalow and turn it into a community arts incubator. Robyn Renee Hasty, whose previous projects include the Boatel, working with architects Stephan Jaklitsch and Mark Gardner of Jaklitsch / Gardner, is seeking funds to turn the bungalow into an artist’s live-work

  • Elbow Bend: The Brokelyn Beer Book

    Elbow Bend: The Brokelyn Beer Book

    Just in time for holiday shopping, Brokelyn is out with their seventh beer book. For the first time, this limited edition booklet includes vouchers for some of Rockaway’s best watering holes. The South Brooklyn & The Rockaways Beer Book costs just $28, and includes vouchers for one free beer at some of the area’s best

  • Ferry advocates condemn Mayor de Blasio

    Ferry advocates condemn Mayor de Blasio

    Photo courtesy of Linda Deckelman Chanting “No ferry, no votes!” a group of Rockaway residents last night condemned Mayor de Blasio’s failure to renew funding for the Manhattan-bound waterborne service. The raucous group of more than 100 residents gathered at the Beach 108th Street dock, joined by Public Advocate Letitia James, to greet the final

  • Rockaway residents fight for last-minute ferry reprieve

    Rockaway residents fight for last-minute ferry reprieve

    Photo courtesy of Laura Deckelman A group of Rockaway residents is waging a viral campaign to save the community’s ferry service to Brooklyn and Manhattan, which will cease operations this week unless additional funding is found. Laura Deckelman, of Rockaway United to Save our Ferry, has been pressuring public officials on Facebook and Twitter to

  • Why I love Rockaway: none of this stuff existed two years ago

    Why I love Rockaway: none of this stuff existed two years ago

    I’ll leave the two-year anniversary coverage of Hurricane Sandy to the local media. Yes, we have lost a lot. Many residents are still not back home, we have an indifferent Mayor, transportation is still a challenge, and the rebuilding of our boardwalk is mired in bureaucracy (note to readers: I’ve spent a good deal of

  • Rockaway’s newspapers

    Rockaway’s newspapers

    This year, Rockaway once again defied conventional wisdom by becoming home to four three local newspapers. New Yorkers have always loved their tabloids, even in an era of plunging print circulation. In addition to the free dailies handed out to subway commuters, we also have the earnest Daily News, and the delicious New York Post. For