• Rockaway’s newspapers

    Rockaway’s newspapers

    This year, Rockaway once again defied conventional wisdom by becoming home to four three local newspapers. New Yorkers have always loved their tabloids, even in an era of plunging print circulation. In addition to the free dailies handed out to subway commuters, we also have the earnest Daily News, and the delicious New York Post. For

  • Rizzoli Bookstore set to reopen in 2015

    Rizzoli Bookstore set to reopen in 2015

    Rizzoli Bookstore, forced out of its stunning West 57th Street location earlier this year, has recently announced plans to reopen in NoMad. According to their website, their new location in the St. James Building at 1133 Broadway will be open by Spring 2015. Until then, Rizzoli’s collection of art and architecture books are still available

  • Elbow Bend: Kennedy’s set to reopen

    Elbow Bend: Kennedy’s set to reopen

    Nearly two years after being deluged by the tides of Hurricane Sandy, Kennedy’s Restaurant in Breezy Point is preparing to reopen later this month. The scaffolding recently came down on the bay front watering hole, revealing a beautiful new clapboard façade that blends in effortlessly on the shore. The refurbished restaurant also boasts a new

  • Cartagena, Colombia: closer than you think

    Cartagena, Colombia: closer than you think

    Intrepid American travelers, are you tired of the usual warm weather locales of Las Vegas, the Bahamas, or Cancun? Are you looking for something a bit more exotic and less suburban than Aruba? Look no further than Cartagena, Colombia. Cartagena, a UNESCO World Heritage Site since 1984, is located on the Caribbean Sea, isolated from

  • Welcome to Curaçao: Need a coffee?

    Welcome to Curaçao: Need a coffee?

    If your cruise liner docks in Curaçao, resist the urge to stop in Starbucks. You will find an outlet of the ever-present chain almost as soon as you disembark your ship, at the Renaissance Hotel Plaza. However, just a few steps away, in the historic Rif Fort Village, you will find one of Europe’s oldest

  • Elbow Bend: Last call at the Sugar Cube

    Elbow Bend: Last call at the Sugar Cube

    This weekend is your last chance to bend an elbow at the beloved Sugar Cube. The annual Halloween party is Saturday, September 27th, and last call for the season is on Sunday, September 28th. The makeshift bar was set up in a shipping container after Hurricane Sandy destroyed the original building. Plans are underway to

  • BattleRock 3: A Night of Muay Thai

    BattleRock 3: A Night of Muay Thai

    CROM MARTIAL TRAINING, the local Martial Arts and CrossFit gym, will host BattleRock 3: A Night of Muay Thai at Beach Channel High School on September 27th. Coming on the heels of two successful shows at the start of the summer season, BattleRock3 is expected to draw 700 spectators. The evening’s main event is a

  • Camp Rockaway

    Camp Rockaway

    Camp Rockaway, which recently concluded a successful Kickstarter campaign, held an open house tent this past weekend for backers. The brainchild of founder Kent Johnson, Camp Rockaway harkens back to the area’s turn of the (20th) century roots as a Tent City. The Camp is designed to appeal to visitors as a low-cost, low-impact alternative

  • For Locavores, Edgemere Farm

    For Locavores, Edgemere Farm

    Edgemere Farm wraps up its first summer in Rockaway with a bountiful harvest of summer vegetables. The Thursday night farm dinners are finished for the season, but there is still plenty of fresh produce available. The farm will continue to be open to the public on Saturdays. This week, there were plenty of tomatoes, peppers